Out Film: “Lazy Eye”

Directed by Tim Kirkman, Lazy Eye follows Dean, a 30-something graphic designer from Los Angeles, as he reconnects with his old bf as they undertake a physical and emotional journey on a weekend together in Joshua Tree.

Critics loved it:

Variety: “So well-written and acted you feel like you’re eavesdropping. Refined and emotionally sophisticated, Lazy Eye makes you realize how rare it is to see a movie that gives you the privilege of listening to authentically smart conversation.”

LA Times: “Sexy and emotional. Kirkman and cinematographer Gabs Mayhan capture the sun-dappled beauty of the landscape. Lucas Near-Verbrugghe and Aaron Costa Ganis both anchor and lift the film.”

LA Weekly: “The sexual chemistry between the two leads is off the charts. An effective and emotionally honest drama. Writer-director Tim Kirkman has a keen eye.”

Lazy Eye comes out in New York and Los Angeles this weekend, with a DVD and VOD release Tuesday, November 15th.