Oscar Winner Robert De Niro covers Cigar Aficionado

Oscar Winner Robert De Niro covers Cigar Aficionado

Legendary Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro covers Cigar Aficionado.

A few quotes from the ranging interview:

Taking the role of Vito Corleone: Getting the part changed my career, or revved it up, if you will. Then winning the Academy Award [for Best Supporting Actor], you’re kind of guaranteed that you’re going to work again as an actor.

· Working with Martin Scorsese: Ask any actors who work with him. They love Marty because he’s very easy, he goes with your ideas, he’s very, very flexible, and takes whatever he can from every actor. Yet he’s very clear as a director, and guides it, the piece, in the direction he feels he should. He gives you a lot of support. I think that we were just lucky to work together all those times…It was always a joy.

· Reaction to NOT being cast for “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO, produced by Martin Scorsese: Marty didn’t ask me, but that’s fine.

· Being a director: You have to make all the decisions, you have to make them quickly at times…it’s hard to give up certain things, but you have to. When you shoot them you might have to give them up anyway for the overall story, the overall picture, and sometimes it’s hard to give them up because you’ve put so much effort into those scenes and you don’t have enough objectivity. And you have to balance what is good for the picture and what you want.

· Moving into comedy: I didn’t worry about that too much. After Analyze This, Jay Roach asked me if I wanted to do Meet the Parents. I liked Jay a lot, so that’s how it started.

· Actors who have influenced him: Brando’s great actor, I always mention him, James Dean, Montgomery Clift as the three that I was affected by.

· Who he wants to work with next: I’d like to do something with Leonardo DiCaprio

The September/October cover story hits newsstands on August 25.