Oregon: Ed and Warren – 42 years in love

Warren and Ed have been in love for 42 years.  Isn't it time they are allowed to get married in Oregon?

In this touching video from Oregon United for Marriage, Ed and Warren take us through four decades of their relationship since they got together at the University of Oregon, bought their first home at age 24, and came to the place they are today.

Says Warren:

“I think I’d almost curl up in a ball and just wait to die if something happened to Warren. We love each other in Oregon. We met in Oregon. We’ve lived our lives together in Oregon.

“It’s time for us at age 64 to be married after 42 years. It’s time to make that leap of… Young people need to know that you can live for 42 years with another person and still be crazily in love. We want to be able to get married… It’s time.”

I agree with Warren.

Come on, Oregon.  Let’s get this done.