Open thread: What’s your favorite inexpensive wine?

Open thread: What’s your favorite inexpensive wine?

As many readers of The Randy Report  (and listeners of The Candi & Randy Show) know, I like wine.

I don’t over-indulge but after realizing a shift to wine from liquor and beer made a difference in my inclination for gout, I moved to wine some years ago and don’t have any gout issues any more.

So I’m always looking for a good, inexpensive wine.  A deal.  A secret folks don’t know.

For instance, a staple for me is Kendall Jackson’s Vintner Reserve Chardonnay.  I think it’s a good wine and if you look for a deal you can find it for under $10 a bottle.  With about 5 glasses of wine to a normal 750ml bottle, that’s $2 a glass.  Whoo-hoo!

Now I know there are lots of inexpensive wines out there that fall under the, cough, cough, “cheap” category.  I’m not interested in those.

So comment below: what’s your secret label or vineyard you think is a deal?  It can be red or white.  It can be over $10.  I’m just looking for really good values in Randy Report readers opinions.

Thanks for participating!