Olivia’s cancer centre gets govt funds

Olivia’s cancer centre gets govt funds

From the Sydney Morning Herald: Olivia Newton-John’s dream of a completed Melbourne cancer centre will become a reality, and both sides of Victorian politics are trying to take the credit.

The fate of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre had been uncertain, with the new Victorian government last month saying there was a “black hole” in funding the project.

Premier Ted Baillieu has now found the $44.88 million to fund the full fit-out of the centre, including its research facilities, while blaming the former Labor government for leaving behind many project black holes.

For her part, Newton-John was thrilled the government had found a way to deliver the final funding.

“We are going to provide Victorians with a state of the art, world-class facility that will help and heal the lives of so many,” she said in a statement.

Newton-John serenaded then premier John Brumby when Labor made its election commitment with the songstress and breast-cancer survivor, saying the completed centre would be a dream come true after seven years of fundraising.

About 2000 Victorians are expected to receive treatment at the centre, which is due to open by April 2013.

As some readers may know, I am a cancer survivor myself.  And Olivia was my own guardian angel throughout my cancer journey.  I’m very lucky to know Olivia and to have had the support she gave me.  One of the most important things I learned from Olivia about surviving cancer was how valuable it is to have a supportive and positive environment around you during such a difficult time.

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre will not only provide cutting-edge medical treatment but also the “wellness” component will give patients the emotional and mental support necessary for the best possible mind set during a patient’s cancer journey.  Yoga classes, quiet gardens, massage and many other therapies will be complementary approaches available to patients in helping find a positive road forward in addressing the cancer battle.

Bravo Olivia!