Olivia Newton-John concert in Palm Springs

Great times all around last night at Olivia Newton-John’s concert in Palm Springs (technically Indio, but folks may not know Indio, so I’m going by Palm Springs…) at the Fantasy Springs Casino Events Center.

First of all, ONJ is in amazing voice. The entire concert was extremely well sung. I’m so used to the idea that as some singers get older, the voice often loses some flexibility and range. Completely the opposite with Olivia – her voice continues to get better and better. Some of the highlights were Olivia’s high, high soprano finish to “Jolene,” and her full belt ending to “Weightless.”

But my personal favorites were the last two songs of the evening, “Grace and Gratitude” and “I Honestly Love You.” After two hours, she was not only in fine singing form but her interpretations were art. Connected, personal, and heartfelt. Just fab.

I also loved seeing other fans of Olivia’s that I’ve gotten to know over the years – David, Mykel, Todd, Virginia…  I can’t remember every name so if I forget one it’s just me being formerly blond.  But it was great seeing everyone.  Only thing I don’t like about these situations is we had to get backstage after the concert so we didn’t have a huge amount of time to catch up.  But glad we had time to chat with folks even if it was short 🙁

Backstage we caught up with not only Leeza Gibbons (who’s a friend of Olivia’s for many years going back to the Great Walk fundraiser in China for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre) but Lindsay Wagner, the original Bionic Woman! I’m not usually star struck but I’ve been a fan of Lindsay’s my whole life it seems. She spent a few minutes catching up with Olivia, and I have to admit this was one photo op I wasn’t missing.

I won’t go on too much, but I will say: if Olivia is performing near you (this is a 30+ city tour), GO! Great music and great times. You can find her tour cities by clicking here.

Me backstage with Olivia, Michael and Lindsay Wagner

Olivia Newton-John and Lindsay Wagner backstage after Olivia’s concert in Palm Springs

Me with Leeza Gibbons, her husband Steven and Michael

The casino had the new Grease slot machine located prominently 🙂

Another shot of the Grease slot machine