Novak Djokovic Marriage Proposal from Kid

At a practice session for the US Open, a boy from the stands yells “Djokovic will you marry me?”

In a very classy move, he waves the boy down from the stand for a hug and a few practice serves. Think about what this must have meant to the boy, who has a wicked serve, by the way…

Earlier this year, while in Australia, I stayed in a small boutique hotel in Melbourne during the Australian Open. I know the owner and he shared with me that I was staying the room right under Djokovic. I joked with friends during the week that the biggest tennis star in the world was sleeping on top of me 🙂

I only passed him in the lobby a few times but it’s always cool to see athletes with so much pressure on them be gracious and cool.

Watch the video with Nole and the lucky kid.

(h/t Towleroad)