No Batteries Left In ‘Bama – Preacher Blames The Gays

No Batteries Left In ‘Bama – Preacher Blames The Gays

As marriage equality continues to spread across Alabama, one protester found his way to a Birmingham City Council meeting to express his displeasure at the recent development in equality.

Cedric Hatcher, an outspoken street evangelist and regular at Birmingham City Hall, took to the lectern during the public comment portion of today’s meeting to express his disapproval of the marriages that took place just across Linn Park and around the state Monday.

“To me yesterday was one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve ever seen in the city,” Hatcher said. “It was one of the most comedic scenes I’ve ever seen in public when I witnessed men with size 13 and 14 shoes out there kissing each other in the mouth in front of little kids. It was like a freak scene going on, that’s what I call it.”

But most importantly, the good Reverend couldn’t find any batteries for his radio. And why? The gay.

“What happened? They said, Rev, they bought all the batteries there tonight. They celebrated in some kinda way. Just bought all the batteries. I don’t know what they do with the batteries, but I’m a preacher, I’m not gonna go there.”

Hatcher also threw in the usual cries of future nuptials with pets like snakes and cats.

I will take offense to that, though. It’s ridiculous to say I would ever marry a cat.

I don’t even have a cat.

(h/t JMG)