Nigeria: Anti-gay law “enforcers” plan to hunt down gays

Nigeria: Anti-gay law “enforcers” plan to hunt down gays

With the passage of the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill in Nigeria, anti-gay forces are now emboldened to hunt down gays and lesbians in order to form a “decent society.”

From Google News:

Islamic law enforcers in north Nigeria’s biggest city on Wednesday vowed a crackdown on homosexual activity, in the wake of new anti-gay marriage legislation that has sparked international outrage.

The deputy head of the Hisbah in Kano state, Usman Nabahani, told AFP that the new law banning gay marriage and civil partnerships was a “welcome development”.

“Definitely, we will work tirelessly toward the enforcement of this law by the special grace of God,” he added.

“From now on, we will go into every nook and corner of Kano state to ensure that (the prohibition of) prostitution, gay marriages, marriages of the same sex and consumption of alcohol… is fully complied with, so that we can have a decent society.

“We are given more power, we are given more support now to wage serious war against these issues.”

Homosexual acts have long been illegal in Nigeria, but Monday’s bill also made it a crime punishable by ten years in prison to form gay clubs, promote LGBT rights, or stage same-sex ceremonies.

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