New Music: Nieri ‘Rated X’

The new single from out recording artist Nieri, "Rated X," is a seductive electronic dance track centered on fulfilling his lover's desires
Out recording artist Nieri (image via Instagram)

Out recording artist Nieri recently released his new single, “Rated X,” an electronic dance track centered on discovering and fulfilling his lover’s desires, and striving to be their top priority.

The song’s twist lies in redefining “X” as exclusivity, and as it progresses, Nieri delivers a compelling rap verse, expressing his readiness for a committed and monogamous relationship.

“In this song, I wanted to celebrate the profound connection that emerges through physical intimacy,” explains Nieri. “Specifically, the joy of feeling appreciated and accepted in a long-term relationship, while also embracing the exciting exploration of each other’s bodies in various ways.”

With hard-hitting synths and infectious beats paired with Nieri’s confident vocals, the sensual, seductive track is playful pop goodness.

Nieri debuted the new song on the Rainbow Stage at WeHo Pride last month, with a high-energy, highly-choreographed performance. He chronicled the rehearsal process on Instagram.

Born in Milan, Italy, and now based in LA, Nieri infuses his high-energy dance pop with a euro sensibility grounded in his own experiences, struggles, and hopes. The talented dance pop artist says he is on a mission to inspire radical acceptance through music.

Originally releasing music under the moniker NIKO, Nieri shifted his sonic soundscape (and name) in 2022 with his single “Beautiful Music.”  

“Rated X” is available on all major digital streaming platforms.

New Music: Nieri ‘Rated X’