News Round-up: February 3, 2015

News Round-up: February 3, 2015

Some stories you may have missed:

• Nine weeks before his death, Nancy Reagan declined to help Rock Hudson get into a hospital that might have saved his life or alleviated his illness because AIDS.

• Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, may have to reduce water service to only two days a week due to extreme drought.

• Virginia state Senate approved a bill which would provide important anti-discrimination protections for local and state LGBT government employees.

• The story of James Robertson of Detroit, who has walked 21 miles to work every day for the last decade, became a national story and launched a GoFundMe campaign that has raised over $233,000 to help James.

• President Obama’s new budget proposes allowing same-sex married couples to receive spousal Social Security benefits no matter what state they live in, as long as they are legally married – just like any married couple.

• Just one more reason to love ballet…

News Round-up: February 3, 2015