News Round-Up: February 20, 2018

Great Britain’s bob sled team

Some news items you might have missed:

Kenneth-in-the-212 points up that Great Britain’s bobsled team (above) has a lot to offer both on and off the track 😉

• Newly-installed Army Secretary Mike Esper says the issue of transgender soldiers serving in the military “hasn’t come up” when he talks to American soldiers.

• South Carolina lawmakers have filed legislation that would define marriage as only between men and women, and deem same-sex unions as “parody marriages.” One of the authors of the bill calls same-sex marriage “an impersonation of actual marriage.”

• The latest Quinnipiac poll shows a staggering 97% of Americans support requiring background checks for all gun purchases.

• The Department of Defense’s new policy on service by transgender troops is due tomorrow. Does Defense Secretary James Mattis have a plan?

• Out UK singer Calum Scott covers Gay Times Magazine. In his interview, Scott explains how his songwriting changed after coming out: “When I was honest about myself and my feelings and especially my sexuality, it started flowing out of me like a river.”