News Round-Up: April 7, 2016

Some news stories you may have missed:

• Olympic diver Greg Louganis finally gets his Wheaties cereal box cover.

• Ten of thousands of Trump scarves are being recalled for “burn risk.”

•The City Council of Jackson, Mississippi – the state’s capitol and largest city – unanimously passed a resolution denouncing the state’s new anti-LGBT law.

• The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals told a federal judge in Puerto Rico his ruling saying the Obergefell decision at SCOTUS doesn’t apply to U.S. territories is waaay wrong.

• The new “religious freedoms” law in Mississippi could allow landlords to refuse to rent to unmarried heterosexual couples, thus allowing them to become the “sex police.”

• Things got rough on the campaign trail as Sen. Bernie Sanders said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t “qualified” to be president. Whoa.

• There’s a new standalone Star Wars movie coming this December – “ROGUE ONE – A STAR WARS STORY”