New York Times calls out Romney/Ryan lies and distortions

In an Op/Ed piece in the New York Times, the paper ran an editorial calling out many lies and distortions put out by the Romney/Ryan campaign. And I, for one, am glad.

Run on your record, run on your truth. But don’t lie and distort to make yourself look better.

A few of the issues the New York Times highlights:

Deficit Commission: While Ryan spoke of the Simpson-Bowles commission, what he didn’t mention was that HE was a part of that panel. AND he voted against the commission’s recommendations.

Credit Rating: Ryan talked about the down-grading of the US credit rating blaming the President. What he didn’t mention was that the credit rating was down-graded because the GOP fought raising the debt ceiling for spending that had already happened and had been approved by Congress.

Medicare: Ryan tried to portray the President as “raiding” the Medicare fund of $716 billion dollars. The problem with that is HE himself had already recommended cutting the same amount from Medicare. However, the President’s savings would come not from trimming benefits for current recipients, but from cutting the projected growth in reimbursements to hospitals and insurers over the next decade.

Head over the the New York Times article and take a read.