New York: Gov. Cuomo announces plan to end AIDS epidemic by 2020

At this year’s NYC Gay Pride event, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an aggressive new plan to target and end the AIDS epidemic in New York State:

‘Thirty years ago, New York was the epicenter of the AIDS crisis — today I am proud to announce that we are in a position to be the first state in the nation committed to ending this epidemic,’ the governor said in a statement.

‘New York State has reached an important milestone in controlling the AIDS epidemic, and through this comprehensive strategy, we are decreasing new HIV infections to the point where by 2020, the number of persons living with HIV in New York State will be reduced for the first time,’ Cuomo continued.

The proposition has three parts: 1) identifying those with HIV who are still undiagnosed and connecting them with healthcare, 2) making certain those who are diagnosed have access to anti-HIV therapy, and 3) ‘providing access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for high-risk persons to keep them HIV negative.’

(via Gay Star News)