New NY Mets pitcher tweets anti-gay slur

New NY Mets pitcher tweets anti-gay slur

Dear Baseball players — stop it with the gay slurs already.  I don’t care if you are 20 years old – you don’t get a pass at this point. 

An anti-gay slur was recently tweeted, and subsequently deleted, from a Twitter account belonging to righthanded pitcher Noah Syndergaard, 20, recently acquired by the NY Mets.

On Dec. 9, this tweet appeared from that account: “@DMarze89 nice crocs fag lol”

The tweet no longer appears on the timeline for the account.

A Mets spokesman said that the team was looking into the matter. The full context of the tweet was not immediately clear; Syndergaard might be available on a conference call introducing him and d’Arnaud on Tuesday.

If you can make a ton of money playing baseball, that means you are old
enough to be a businessman.  If you are old enough to ask for a lot of
money, you are old enough to understand what is and isn’t acceptable for
you and your employer.

Via New York Daily News