New Music: Zolita “Ashley”

Alt-pop sensation and filmmaker Zolita has released her stripped-back, heartfelt love song, “Ashley,” from her highly anticipated Falling Out / Falling In EP (out February 10).
Out singer/songwriter and filmmaker Zolita (via Instagram)

Alt-pop sensation and filmmaker Zolita has released her stripped-back, heartfelt love song, “Ashley,” the third installment in her Falling Out / Falling In EP.

The music video, which picks up where her previous single “Ruin My Life” left off, sees Zolita getting ready for Ashley’s wedding while unearthing old memories of young love between her and the bride-to-be.

“‘Ashley’ is a sapphic love song written for my close friend, now girlfriend,” shares Zolita on the new single. “It’s a song about yearning, falling in love, and knowing the lows that inevitably come with a relationship will be worth it.”

“It’s sickly sweet and one of the most earnest, heartfelt songs I’ve ever written,” adds the multi-hyphenate. “It’s the queer ‘Hey There Delilah’ I wish I had growing up!”

Zolita impressively self-directs, produces, and edits her narrative-driven music videos on her own, centering LGBTQ characters in her music.

The new EP and video series Falling Out / Falling In follows the recent release of Ruin My Life & 20 Questions (The Acoustics), reimagined, guitar-driven versions of two of Zolita’s anthemic pop classics, and unpacks the up-and-down rollercoaster of falling out of love, getting over someone, and falling in love with someone else.

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The Falling Out / Falling In journey began with pop anthem “20 Questions” which saw Zolita interrogate an unfaithful ex before imagining her revenge.

The story continued with “Ruin My Life,” which captures the feeling of falling so hard for someone that nothing else matters.

Zolita’s Falling Out/Falling In EP is scheduled for release February 10.

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