New Music: Sophia, Paul Andrews, Your Majesty Oriana

New music from some terrific musicians as we look forward to the weekend.

First up – Paul Andrews sophomore album, From the Distance, leaves sad songs behind choosing to focus on creativity, authenticity and new beginnings.

Paul Andrews drops his new album "From The Distance"
Paul Andrews (promo photo)

“The deeper we went into the pandemic, the more I didn’t want to remember the sad aspects of it,” Andrews explains. “I decided to save the slower songs for a different project—and concentrated on songs that had a beat, that kept me moving, moving forward.”

Across the album, Andrews blends echoes of 70s pop, 80s new wave, and 90s dance with his own modern sensibilities. With a touch of Pet Shop Boys here, a little Tears For Fears there, Andrews stays centered in his wide-ranging musical identity.

“Into Existence” pairs Andrews’s effortless vocals with a warm pop/synth soundscape as the artist and his lyrics parse the creative process.

tuning into song from another plane
coming from the distance pulling sound into existence
turning alpha wave into frequencies
changing in an instant pulling sound into existence

Hit play for the groovy vibe, and follow Paul Andrews on Instagram here.

Out singer/songwriter Sophia (promo photo)
Out singer/songwriter Sophia (promo photo)

Out singer/songwriter/producer Sophia, recently released her debut album, Fragile. The nine track collection shows the Netherlands-based artist shifting with equal ease between infectious pop, smooth R&B and silky neo-soul.

“The album is called Fragile, because I am. The songs are fragile too,” Sophia says. “I’ve never been this honest in my entire life and it scares me to share everything with the world. But I have found during this process that there is strength in being fragile and vulnerable. It takes courage to be fragile.”

In “Questions,” she explores life after losing a parent and being left with questions you’ll never get to ask. “When you lose someone, you have to grieve, but I don’t think anyone really knows how to do it.”

“I want my music to be a safe place for you to feel seen and heard,” says Sophia in a press statement. “As a queer female in this industry, I hope to be that example for others.”

Check out “Questions” below, and you can follow Sophia on Instagram here.

Your Majesty Oriana (image via Instagram)
Your Majesty Oriana (image via Instagram)

The latest single from Your Majesty Oriana, “Born to Ride,” is inspired by the artist’s experiences as a queer non-binary person navigating life in Los Angeles.

Euphoric, personal and evocative, Oriana hopes “Born To Ride” will inspire listeners to break free from whatever may be holding them back so they can become their true authentic selves in full color.

A theatrical pop music performer, whose androgynous appearance is inspired by the likes of David Bowie, Lady Gaga, and Elton John, Your Majesty Oriana made their music debut with their 2019 EP, QUEEN. The release received 5/5 stars from the UK songwriting Competition for the song, “Gloriana,” and was a semi-finalist in the Song of the Year competition.

As an actor, Oriana goes by their birth name, Tyler Stafford, and has been performing on screen and stage for the last 15 years with notable roles in RENT, Hair, American Idiot, Hairspray, and more!

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