New Music: MORGXN “Modern Man”

New Music: MORGXN “Modern Man”
MORGXN (photo: Shervin)

Nashville alt-pop powerhouse MORGXN releases his new single and video “Modern Man.” The visual features Nashville activist, drag queen, and MORGXN’s childhood classmate, Vidalia Anne Gentry.

MORGXN poses a question: “What is a modern man?”

“I have often felt like the idea of “man” in society is so arbitrary and stoic and honestly toxic and dangerous. What is a “man” and what is it that I’m aspiring to be? And if society has a fixed definition … how I can explore that for myself?

“Sometimes I feel that the freedom to really be ME is wrapped in another person’s definition. With the song and video I was hoping to flip a trope and find ultimately an expression that is uniquely my own.”

New Music: MORGXN “Modern Man”
Out recording artist Morgnx (promo photo)

With a captivating blend of artistry, storytelling, and cultural significance, the music video fearlessly tackles the pressing issue of LGBTQ+ rights and rigid constructs surrounding masculinity.

The video challenges societal norms, encouraging MORGXN’s audience to recognize that a “modern man” can be whatever they want it to be.

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Stream/download MORGXN’s “Modern Man” here.