New Music: Milahroy ‘Sounds On The Stereo’

Milahroy - Sounds On The Stereo
(photo credit: Maksym Varenyk)

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy drops his latest single, “Sounds On The Stereo,” a musical mental timeout for when “things get too loud.”

The track opens with a languid, yearning guitar line as Milahroy takes a measured, slow-burn approach before arriving at the chorus, where he drops the beat and lets the tension release. With sure and confident vocals, our hero serves up a soaring, soulful musical journey to self-care.

Oh what a mess I’ve been
Burning myself out at both ends
We’re not meant to stretch this thin
If I keep this up my bones’ll break skin
I need a permanent vacation
Get lost in a perpetual hallucination

“The inspiration behind this tune is about when things get too loud,” shares Milahroy. “I was overworking myself in all departments of my life; my day job, my relationships, my music.”

“I kept thinking because I’m young, I can keep going non-stop, but my body & mind weren’t able to handle it,” he adds. “I’d have legit breakdowns in therapy, then breakthroughs realizing I was just pushing my mind & body as far as it can go.”

“You know my whole thing in life is all about balance & I don’t believe we honor that truly. So even with music, I have to take time away.”

Milahroy - Sounds On The Stereo

Having covered Milahroy’s music in the past, I know there’s always purpose behind every artistic decision. So, I asked about the lush soundscape he built around these specific lyrics.

“Sonically, I really wanted the choruses to give way to this magical medium as if it sounded like you were on a cloud or floating through an oasis – whatever that may be,” he explained. “I wanted to coast through the verses because that’s how I’ve been feeling, not really doing things mindfully & just living on autopilot.”

“And when you’re able to take a step back, it’s quite daunting. So to be able to close your eyes & run to your ‘home’ or center yourself, I feel that’s when/where we can find inner peace.”

New Music: Milahroy ‘Sounds On The Stereo’

In 2021, Milahroy released his single, “Daylight,” which also addressed mental health via disconnection and rejuvenation.

Milahroy wrote “Sounds On The Stereo” with his co-writer Billy Pace & had a friend, Todd, hop on some guitar parts.

The intimate music video was conceived and directed by the artist and Blake of Better Anchor Media.

Sounds On The Stereo” is available now on all major music platforms. Follow the furry-goodness on Instagram here.