New Music: John Duff’s Poised Pooch Premieres ‘100% Baby’

Out recording artist John Duff with Baby
John Duff and Baby (photo: David Laffe)

DJ Baby Duff’s new single ‘100% Baby’ is fun, funny, and a total ear-worm.

Out singer/songwriter John Duff constructed the track and music video as a tongue in cheek laugh about overly-deep lyrics.

“Sometimes I feel like my lyrics are too smart and that nobody has an attention span to actually listen to them,” Duff explains. “So, with this one, I wanted to do something extremely stupid as stupid is always relatable.”

There might also be some subtle shade here aimed at over-paid DJs who score beaucoup bucks without bringing all that to the table. “It’s not all DJ’s, but definitely some,” Duff clarifies.

Baby Duff steps up and steps out doing all of her own stunts (thanks to dog trainer Kirstin McMillan).

Photographer Davide Laffe captured the poised pooch from all her best angles.

And animator Sqott pulls the whole thing together with awesome video skills. “I didn’t want the video to be too sexy,” says Duff. “She’s so young.”

Will Baby save Planet Earth? Hit the play button to find out.

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