New Music: Jake Shears Takes ‘Last Man Dancing’ Trophy

Promo photo for Jake Shears "Last Man Dancing"
Jake Shears ‘Last Man Dancing’ (promo photo)

Jake Shears releases the title track of his upcoming album, Last Man Dancing, a reminder to keep moving whatever life throws at you.

Via press release:

 Portraying a cast of misfits alone (but together) in a bar scene, the track’s soaring, Abba-esque melody is partnered with a moving lyric: “Finally I’m feeling / something like alive / I don’t care if it’s happening / at quarter past five,” that has the immediate feel of another Jake Shears classic.

The video brings the vibrant world of the album artwork to life – a chaotic house party in which Jake Shears earns his trophy not just as the “Last Man Dancing,” but also as one of this generation’s most influential pop stars.

As Jake himself puts it, “while not everyone might make it to the end, it’s the last ones dancing who are rewarded with the most magical moments.”

Jake’s upcoming album is scheduled for release on June 2.