New Hampshire committee votes to repeal marriage equality

From Instinct: The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee has approved legislation that seeks to remove same-sex couples right to marriage, already instituted in the state.

By a vote of 11 – 6, the Committee has moved forward with the regressive legislation in hopes of replacing New Hampshire’s historic marriage equality rights with the lesser and unequal civil unions.

Even the leader of the groups fighting equality understands that his proposal will create a cluster-headache of confusion in the state, similar to California in the wake of Prop 8.

“Kevin Smith, executive director of Cornerstone Action, admitted that if the bill eventually becomes law, it will create two classes of same-sex couples in New Hampshire—those with the tax benefits of marriage, and those without. That, however, is better than trying to repeal same-sex marriage all in one shot and having the matter ultimately decided by courts, he said.”

Despite that most in New Hampshire “strongly oppose” the legislation, thanks to today’s vote, if approved by the full House in January it will become law.