New guidelines suggested for HIV patients living longer, healthier lives

New guidlines are being suggested for patients with HIV due to living longer, more normal lives

With people infected with HIV living longer lives, the medical association that specializes in such diseases is encouraging adoption of new guidelines and more broad screenings for preventative care:

The Human Immunodeficiency Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America updated its HIV care guidelines include recommendations for screening for diabetes, osteoporosis and colon cancer. The guidelines suggested patients with HIV infection should be vaccinated against pneumococcal infection, influenza, varicella and hepatitis A and B.

In addition to the screenings mentioned above, the association says HIV specialists need to provide a full spectrum of general care and general practitioners need to have a deeper grasp of HIV regarding routine healthcare.

They also recommend, with infections in check for a patient, that viral load testing could be done every 6-12 months instead of the current 3 month windows.