New Behaviors Living In The Age Of Social Media

In this new, ever-changing world of social media we have new behaviors to adopt.

The tweet above comes from the account “Dave Old Vietnam Veteran.”

He described himself as a disabled Vietnam Vet – “Agent Orange Got me 1967/68, Retired International Telecom Consultant Married to HS sweetheart for 53 years. I have guns & hate the NRA.”

As the tweet makes self-evident, Dave suffered a fatal heart attack last night.

“This is Dave’s wife. Yesterday evening Dave had a massive heart attack and did not survive. I am so sorry to have to tell you this. This will be his final tweet. He appreciated you, keep up the good fight.”

His widow felt it important to share the news with his thousands of followers on Twitter because clearly Dave made an impact. Dave apparently raised what social media voice he had to call out Donald Trump and his administration.

Something was done. Something occurred.

I never knew Dave, but seeing this message resonated with me.

People we’ve never met but may have interacted with hundreds of times on social media become a real thread in the tapestry of our lives.

RIP Dave.