Nevada Democrats vote for “None of the above” for governor

Nevada Democrats picked “None of the above” as their top choice for Democratic candidate for governor yesterday.

Since the 1970s, due to the Watergate scandal, Nevada instituted the “None of the above” option as a nod to the apathy many felt about politicians. It still stands today.

Yesterday’s vote showed 30% of Democrats who voted chose “None of the above.” The second highest vote tally was for former state economic development director Robert Goodman. He will face off against Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

Goodman will be the nominee because state law reads, “Only votes cast for the named candidates shall be counted in determining nomination or election to any statewide office or presidential nominations or the selection of presidential electors.”

Sandoval has one of the highest approval ratings in the country for a sitting governor and has long been expected to coast to reelection.