Nevada: Ask Senator Dean Heller to SUPPORT the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

On Monday, the US Senate will vote on ENDA — the Employment Non-Discrimination Act — which aims to protect all Americans in the workforce, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Even though more than 50% of people in every state support ENDA,  Nevada’s Senator Dean Heller is still undecided on this very important piece of legislation. If the voters agree, then it’s time our own Senator does as well.

It has taken 20 years just to get a vote on this bill.

Right now, every Democratic US Senator supports the bill, plus a few Republicans.  We  have 59 votes, but we need 60 — Senator Hell is that vote we need.

Please call Senator Heller at 202.224.6244. Your message to Senator Heller can be as simple as saying:

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I live in _________. I oppose discrimination in the workplace, and I strongly ask Senator Heller to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

If you live in a state other than Nevada, and your Republican senator isn’t onboard yet, please give them a call and send this message.

You can find your senator’s phone number by clicking here.