NC Legislature May Vote Today on Anti-Marriage Equality Bill

NC Legislature May Vote Today on Anti-Marriage Equality Bill

Today HRC and Equality North Carolina staff and volunteers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the anti-marriage equality amendment goes down in defeat. The delivery of 45,000 postcards to legislators is underway, as is the delivery of a letter signed by nearly 500 clergy and people of faith. The NC legislature is poised to take up the discriminatory bills this week, and will likely vote today or tomorrow. Should they pass these bills, a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality will appear on the 2012 ballot.

If you live in North Carolina, your legislator needs to hear from you today. Please contact your legislators right now and urge them to oppose these hateful bills.

Click here to send a message to the North Carolina General Assembly.

UPDATE: North Carolina lawmakers not only started debate, it’s already passed through committee and is on its way to the House floor for a vote.

This morning, LGBT rights advocates in the state say Republicans ushered the bill through the House Rules Committee in less than an hour despite objections from Democrats. The bill could be voted on in the House by day’s end.