Nashville: Morton’s Steakhouse in social media firestorm over alledged treatment of cancer victim

Morton’s Steakhouse in Nashville has a big problem on their hands over asking a cancer victim with cold sensitivity due to undergoing chemotherapy to remove his wool beanie. From FOX 17:

The diners say their friend was asked to remove his hat, and explained the situation to the manager, who allegedly said that the gentleman should bring a doctor’s note or call ahead so that he could be seated in a private dining area.

Witnesses say the cancer patient along with his wife and kids became very upset over how the situation was handled and they stormed out to leave. The police even arrived. The incident has created a firestorm on social media.

One witnesses account posted on Facebook has been shared nearly 6,000 times already. Dozens of people have commented on sites like Facebook and Yelp. One witness named Ashly posted this on Yelp. I will never step foot in this establishment along with everyone else who was a part of our party. And we will spread the word of this terrible treatment until an apology is received. Unacceptable to say the least.

Morton’s responded on their Facebook page say, “Morton’s fans: We are aware of the situation that happened at our Nashville location over the weekend. We appreciate you all bringing it to our attention, and we have reached out to the parties involved and can assure you that all facts will be uncovered.”

FOX 17 News has talked with the victim who says that the restaurant has not contacted him.

As a cancer survivor myself I can attest to how chemo can make you very sensitive to cold temperatures. I could barely walk down a frozen food aisle at the grocery store during my treatment.

Sad that an assistant manager couldn’t use common sense and compassion in a delicate moment.

Here’s just one of several comments on Yelp about the incident.