Music video: “Trust Me” from Matt Zarley

Matt’s fun new dance music video for his song “Trust Me” (remix by Cahill) about a fictional “sweater-vest wearing” GOP presidential candidate who gets caught in a hot tub with his male lover.

The video storyline in a nutshell:

“When video footage of fictional GOP presidential candidate Matt Zarley surfaces showing him at a 70s style party making out with a sexy younger man (scenes complete with 70s facial hair, furry chested men and hot tubs), the “candidate” decides to come out from behind his false marriage and be who he truly is. At the end of the video America embraces and elects it’s first openly gay president.”

In talking about making the video, Matt said “I wanted to make a video that had humor and poked a little bit of fun at politicians and their ‘spin tactics’. I think if those who are running for office would be more honest about their true selves instead of pandering to the extremes, they’d be surprised how much more accepted they would be by the majority. Despite our current political climate, I have faith that one day we will all be embraced as equals.”

Tracks available on iTunes.

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