Music Video: Priory "Put 'Em Up"

Portland, OR-based group Priory drops the new video for their song ‘Put Em Up’ from the band’s latest album Need To Know.

Pop culture website NYLON calls the video “humanizing, vulnerable, and completely impactful.”

Singer Brandon Rush of Priory shared this about the video:

“I wrote ‘Put Em Up’ a couple of years ago. It’s a personal story about watching my brother struggle with being gay in a conservative and religious family. It didn’t get any better for him when he joined the military.

“I’m happy that in the past couple of weeks our country has made a lot of progress in granting the LBGTQ community equality, but we all know we still have a long way to go.

“When we made the video, we wanted to show regular people doing regular things in an anonymous fashion until they came together in a place of mutual acceptance where everyone had a chance to be free to be whatever they were on the inside or outside.”

Priory has earned wide-spread praise from mainstream outlets like Entertainment Weekly, Buzzfeed, Equire, and more; in addition, the band makes the grade on several high-profile lists like:

USA Today ‘On the Verge’ artist
SPIN ‘Artist You Must See’
TIME ‘Artist You Need To Hear’
MTV ‘Artist To Watch’
Delta ‘Artist of the Month’

Find more info at the official website here.