Music: Nick Jonas “Chains”

Nick Jonas shares new music and his huge biceps with the world. He may not be naked here, but we'll live with this.

The youngest (and arguably hunkiest) JoBro is going solo, and he dropped the first single to his upcoming full-length album this week – “Chains.”

I’m not a huge aficionado of the Jonas Brothers (I know a couple of their tunes) but this is clearly a departure.  Nick is clearly trying to move his music needle to a more Adult/R&B aesthetic.

This represents his first new music release since his collaboration in 2010 with his backing band The Administration. That endeavor didn’t go so great – sold just 179K units to date.

By the way, there’s a perfectly good, logical reason to post the pic above of Nick and his famous biceps (even though it has nothing to do with his new music).  There are CHAINS in the picture above!  See?  Makes perfect sense.  Right?

Take a listen below: