Mueller Asked If His Report ‘Completely Exonerated’ Trump – “No”

Robert Mueller

Very fatiguing to watch the ongoing testimony by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but there has been one point made that will discussed for days.

After Donald Trump has repeated the reality he wants to see – that he was found ‘completely’ innocent by the investigation and that there was ‘total exoneration – Mueller was directly asked if his report ‘completely exonerated’ the president.

Mueller’s answer: “No.”

Here’s the clip everyone will be playing.

I’ll add that, due to a five-minute time frame allotted for each member of the committee, everyone is speaking very, very quickly. Members of Congress are trying to cite very specific pages and quotes from hundreds of pages of Mueller’s report and asking, “Is that correct?”

In that every word Mueller utters is going to parsed over and over, and that Mueller knows he’s under oath, he’s clearly trying to stay within the boundaries with which he’s allowed to speak to and be as accurate as possible.

I’m younger than Mueller by decades and having a hard time keeping up with how fast some questions are being posed.