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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Issues Apology Over “Hurtful” Old LGBT Blog Posts From Late 2000s

MSNBC’s Joy Reid took time this morning on her show to address the ongoing debacle of whether she did or did not write homophobic/transphobic comments on her now-defunct blog during the mid-to-late 2000s.

The old posts were brought to light in December and at the time, Reid apologized for the content.

But then new posts were found by a social media adversary, and Reid told the press she didn’t remember writing these new findings.

She hired a cybersecurity expert to explore if a hacker had modified and added content. But the expert hasn’t been able to prove that theory.

So today Reid offered a flat-out unqualified apology.

“I’ve not been exempt from being dumb or cruel or hurtful to the very people I want to advocate for. I own that. I get it. And for that I am truly, truly sorry.”

“I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things … But I can definitely understand, based on things I have tweeted and have written in the past, why some people don’t believe me.”

Reid brings up the fact that the country is in a different place than it was ten or twelve years ago. And it’s true.

People and attitudes do change. I’ve seen that from my perch here at The Randy Report.

In owning the transphobic and homophobic comments – comments I’ve heard many in the gay lesbian community make as well – she seems to come with a true apology.

I believe her, I accept her apology.

She is not our enemy. We have much bigger issues to address today.

Thank you, Joy Reid. Apology accepted.