More Moments From West Side Story At San Diego Musical Theatre

San Diego Musical Theatre, where I recently choreographed a new production of West Side Story, has put together this new video showcasing highlights from the show.

I’m really proud of this one. Take a look below.

Plus, Broadway World had some very nice things to say about the production, including the choreography:

SDMT has a huge and talented cast to fill their new stage, which is good because this show does shine when they are in their cast numbers. The “Dance at the Gym” is where you see not only the size and scope of the cast, but their dancing and the simmering tensions between the Jets and the Sharks are palpable. The staging is clever and the ebb and flow of the cast during this number feels natural and never pulls focus from what’s happening at the center of the stage.

The dancing is always key in this show, and this show does not disappoint thanks to choreographer Randy Slovacek. Taking a cue from the original production, this dancing is lovely but with some edge. After all, you don’t see gangs dancing through the streets much, but this choreography strikes the right balance between being beautiful and having a hint of menace to it.

And if you happen to be in San Diego, check out the show this weekend. The show closes this Sunday.