Monday Man Crush: InstaHunk Round-Up

Checking in with some of my favorite hunks of Instagram…

Fitness model Dan Tai (above) likes taking things off after a workout:

Olympic diver Tom Daley is heading out to compete for the first time in a year:

POSE star Dyllon Burnside shared his Earth Day mood:

Jim Newman felt like a ‘super model,’ and didn’t smile to prove it (because super models don’t smile);

Eles Quintero said good night from Italy with a friend…

Doctor of Dental Medicine wants to encourage you to be consistent. I am consistently looking at this selfie… 

Kevin Davis proved men who wear glasses bring it too:

Joel Green is feeling grateful for everyday blessings. I’m grateful every day for photos like these:

Beauty and the Beast star Luke Evans got all dressed up for a Saturday night:

And finally – Brody the wonder pup decided (with dozens of toys) he wanted my sock: