MN Editorial: Don’t put bigotry up for a vote

MN Editorial: Don’t put bigotry up for a vote

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “In the less enlightened days of America’s past, it was illegal in some places for blacks to marry whites, for women to vote and for people of color to occupy the same public spaces as whites.”

“The laws were racist, sexist and discriminatory — and the nation came to understand the human toll. Unfortunately, we’re still struggling to get it right when it comes to same-sex marriage.”

“A proposal sailing through the Legislature would only make matters worse here in Minnesota. Committees of both the House and Senate have passed measures that call for a statewide vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.”

“Passing a misguided gay marriage ban by referendum would cement inequity into the state Constitution. Requiring a majority vote to affirm minority rights is inherently discriminatory.”

“Many of our nation’s civil, human and women’s rights laws might never have passed if they were put to a vote. Instead, those advances usually came through legislative and court decisions that valued human rights more than special-interest politics.”

Bravo to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Read the entire editorial here.