Mitt Romney “isn’t concerned about the very poor”

Mitt talks about a safety net that is “there for the very poor.”

Unfortunately, he and his party would like to dismantle that safety net, even as they demonize it.

Most of what you hear from Republicans is how terrible the “freeloaders” are who get help from these “safety nets” and then expect to be taken care of.

The fact is it is much harder to get on food stamps and other programs than people think. My brother, who is legally disabled, waited years to get on food stamps because he couldn’t find a job. And when he applied, he was told he needed to be working to receive food stamps.


Doesn’t it seem like the folks who may need food stamps the most are the ones who CAN’T find a job? No one could explain that to me.

When Mitt Romney says he will repair the “safety net” if it needs it, you should look into his definition of “if it needs it.” You may find another example of “say what you need to to get elected” double-speak.

UPDATE: Mitt went on damage control a few hours later, once he “realized” how it “might” sound. Here are a few updated statements from Mitt (via political reporter Sam Youngman):

Mitt Romney “isn’t concerned about the very poor”