Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan plan to cut tax “loopholes” – but won’t say which ones

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan made the rounds of news talk shows to say they plan to cut “tax loopholes.”

BUT they won’t say which ones.

Will it be the mortgage interest deduction? That is one of the biggest tax deductions available to the middle class.

Charitable deductions? Same thing.

State and local taxes? Same thing.

Losing those deductions amounts to a big tax hike on the middle class.

If you buy a home this year, the next few years provide large tax cuts in mortgage interest deductions. Thousands of dollars. How do you feel about losing a $6,000 tax deduction? $10,000 tax deduction?

The Romney/Ryan “plan” is to not tell you what you’re voting for. I think most middle class tax payers would like to know WHAT Romney/Ryan plans to cut before they vote for them.