Mitt Romney and a gay Vietnam Veteran discuss equality

Mitt Romney, at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, saw a man who was wearing a Vietnam veteran hat. Thinking he was in safe waters, he sat down to chat. It turns out the man was Bob Garon – a gay man who was sitting with his husband Bob LeMire.

Garon questioned Romney on his views of marriage equality, and Romney stated he supported repealing marriage equality in New Hampshire.

After several back and forths, it became clear the former governor was not going to get Mr. Garon’s vote.

The exchange was enough to make up Garon’s mind on how he felt about Romney.

“I was undecided,” Garon said. But now “I’m totally convinced today that he’s not going to be my president — at least in my book. At least Obama will entertain the idea. This man is ‘no way, Jose.’ Well, take that ‘no way, Jose’ back to Massachusetts.”

“The guy ain’t going to make it,” he told reporters later. “You can’t trust him. I can see it in his eyes.”

Garon said that he had married his husband in June, “in New Hampshire, where it’s legal. Unless Mitt Romney gets elected.”