Mitch McConnell Shades Failed WV Senate Candidate Don Blankenship

Mitch McConnell Shades Failed WV Senate Candidate Don Blankenship

Last night was the first big night of mid-term election action as Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia held their primaries.

Republicans were highly tense over the possibility that coal baron, Don Blankenship, might prevail in the West Virginia race for the GOP nod.

Blankenship, who had gone to prison for his part in the accidental deaths of 29 coal miners, was surging in the polls in the final days before last night’s voting.

Along the way, Blankenship trolled Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying he would not support McConnell if elected and referred to the Majority Leader as “‘Cocaine’ Mitch.”

To the Republicans’ relief, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey prevailed.

But McConnell couldn’t resist trolling Blankenship with a rather sassy image of himself seemingly covered in a white powdery substance with the caption, “Thanks for playing, Don.”

Via the Chicago Tribune:

The image appears to be a doctored promotional image from the Netflix drug lord series “Narcos.” The campaign’s meme superimposed McConnell’s face onto the figure of Pablo Escobar covered in white powder. The Hill‘s Will Sommer found the relevant promo.

The campaign’s meme was apparently a reference to “Cocaine Mitch,” the nickname Blankenship tossed at McConnell in a bizarre attack ad released in the final days of the campaign. The Blankenship spot also took swipes at the “China people” behind the senator, a reference to McConnell’s wife’s family.