Millennials Support Hillary Clinton By Huge Margin

Millennials Support Hillary Clinton By Huge Margin

A new poll by USA Today and Rock The Vote shows Hillary Clinton way ahead of Donald Trump in the hunt for the millennial vote.

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by a huge 48 points (68% vs. 20%). Libertarian Gary Johnson garners 8% of the young vote, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein comes in with 1%.

Trump’s numbers with this vital voting block are the lowest of any modern-day presidential candidate including Bob Dole who hit the low 30% mark back in 1996.

Perhaps most surprising is the data shows it’s not millennial women but the men who are causing the surge in voters 18-34.

Among millennial men, Clinton gets 65% support, with female voters in the same age group at the 47% mark. Trump’s numbers are much lower – 20% for men and 18% for women.

The first two presidential debates seem to have hurt Trump as a majority of those polled viewed him as less presidential and less credible after the face off. Clinton, however, registered “more presidential.”