Mike Ruiz – Pretty Masculine Project app

From the YouTube page: “In his most recent iteration of the “Pretty Masculine” project, Mike Ruiz now delves further into his subconscious. As he continues to explore the inner recess of his psyche, “Pretty Masculine” extends out into the ethos and speaks to the photographer’s digital audience, incarnated as an App. In so doing, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor in a most palpable manner.”

“This newest effort is more than a continuation of the “Pretty Masculine” printed book. The App is an all-encompassing experience, one that allows us to witness the full scope of the creative process. Through the App, we are able to visit with the artist at work. We are virtually side-by-side at the shoots with the models, learning about their varied and sometimes unexpected interests and goals. We also follow practically every creative step with the makeup and body-painting artists. As we navigate through this experience, we get to meet many of Mike’s collaborators through behind-the scenes-footage and interviews. In some instances, we are also able to see many of the images come to life right before our eyes.”