MIKA Drops New Music Video “Dear Jealousy”

International popstar MIKA drops his latest music video, "Dear Jealousy"

Popstar MIKA releases a new video, “Dear Jealousy” today. The video follows the release of his critically acclaimed fifth studio album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook.

“This album has been a rich and intense journey,” writes MIKA about the new collection. “Inspired by life in all its glory and all its dark challenges. It’s also inspired by love.”

“My intention was to write about life as it happened. A sort of album made in ‘real-time,’” added the artist. “It’s an explosion of joy, color and emotion even though it was born in one of the most challenging periods for my family and I.”

“Writing and recording this album was a form of medicine for me and my family. It is so deeply personal but also universal. I have come to realize that the only things that matters in life are the people we love and the stories we tell.”

MIKA dedicates the new album to “those people I love and to the notion that although we all hopefully grow with age, we should do so without losing our colors, our warmth or whimsy. I hope my ‘Tiny Love’ stories somehow touch you or transport you, even just for an instant.”

Hit the play button below.