Michigan: Biden Leads Sanders By 15 Points In Final Poll

Michigan: Biden Leads Sanders By 15 Points In Final Poll

In the final statewide poll before Michigan voters head to the Democratic primary polls tomorrow, Joe Biden holds a lead over Bernie Sanders in the crucial primary contest according to the Monmouth University Poll.

Among Michigan voters who are likely to participate in the Democratic primary tomorrow, support currently stands at 51% for Biden and 36% for Sanders.

Another 1% back Tulsi Gabbard, 6% say they will vote for a slate of uncommitted delegates, and 2% are undecided.

Biden leads Sanders among both white voters (50% to 36%) and voters of other races (53% to 36%). Biden is winning voters age 50 and over (62% to 24% for Sanders) by a larger margin than Sanders is winning those under 50 years old (49% to 38% for Biden). Women prefer Biden to Sanders (53% to 33%), while men prefer Sanders (49% to 39% for Biden).

There are 147 delegates up for grabs in Tuesday’s Michigan primary.

The survey also shows both Democratic White House hopefuls would best Trump today in head-to-head hypothetical match-ups.

Biden has a 48% to 41% lead over Trump, while Sanders has a slightly smaller 46% to 41% margin.

It’s worth remembering that Trump won Michigan by a scant 10,704 votes four years ago.