Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today

October 17, 1994, I met Michael Caprio for the first time.

I was on the road with the pre-Broadway tour of the Broadway revival of “Hello, Dolly!” and we were in Minneapolis recording our cast recording. Michael was VP of Publicity and Marketing for the record label.

“It only takes a moment, for your eyes to meet and then…”

Thank you dear Jerry Herman and Carol Channing for creating the circumstances that brought us together that day.

Seventeen years, two marriage certificates (one in Toronto, Canada, one in Palm Springs, CA), one cancer journey and six dogs later – here we are.

We actually are very different people. Michael is very social and loves being out in the world; he loves seeing the world and meeting lots of people, and people love him back. I love our friends, but in small doses where I can focus on them and their lives one at a time. I love being home with the dogs in our own little world.

And somehow, this all works really, really well.

I love being married to Michael. I love our life together.

By the way, I looked it up and apparently the 17th anniversary (in modern terms) is the “furniture anniversary.” Everyone, please know we don’t expect any furniture gifts coming to the house. (However, I do see the 20th anniversary is the “platinum gift” anniversary. I’m sure Michael would like you all to know you are welcome to begin saving up to send platinum gifts or jewelry when the time comes in three years. You have advance notice.)

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary – HAAAAPPPY anniversary!

A few pics from the short journey together – so far:

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
First pic Michael ever sent me after we met, from the set of a photo shoot for the record label he was
VP of publicity for at the time.  Can you say “cute”???

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
From a Mammoth Ski weekend after a long day of skiing

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
My favorite pic with Michael

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
First wedding!  Toronto, October 17th, 2003
Senior Justice Lauren Marshall was very gracious to officiate the marriage for us.

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
Getting married in Palm Springs, CA, right before 2008 election
Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Foat officiated the marriage for us right before Prop 8 passed.
We are one of the 18K couples who still have our legal married status in CA.

Michael and I: 17th Anniversary today
Michael’s 40th birthday party.  John Ganun, fabulous photog, came and shot the party.
The picture says a lot about us I think.