Maryland: House Delegate Sam Arora flip-flopping back and forth on Civil Marriage bill

Maryland: House Delegate Sam Arora flip-flopping back and forth on Civil Marriage bill

Freshman Maryland Delegate Sam Arora campaigned on a platform of marriage equality in Maryland. He specifically went after and got the support of Progressive Maryland and of Equality Maryland. He raised lots of money based on his specifically stated support of marriage equality for the LGBT community.

He co-sponsored the marriage equality bill now working it’s way through the Maryland state legislature.

But a few days ago, he let some constituents know he planned to vote “no” on the bill once it reached the House floor. Immediately people in Maryland started scratching their heads -“How do you campaign on a specific issue, co-sponsor the bill then CHANGE YOUR MIND???”

In reports circulating the news, Arora has said in past days point blank that he would be voting against marriage equality because he is “born again” and doesn’t want to “redefine marriage.” He has even gone so far as to remove a Twitter post from January 25th declaring his co-sponsorship and support for marriage equality.

Maryland: House Delegate Sam Arora flip-flopping back and forth on Civil Marriage bill

Needless to say this has caused a huge backlash against Arora. Scores of campaign donors are asking for their money back saying he lied during the campaign.

Today, Arora posted a statement saying:

“I will vote to send the bill to the floor because it deserves an up-or-down vote. On the floor, I will vote to send the bill to the governor so that Marylanders can ultimately decide this issue at the polls. I think that is appropriate.”

In other words, he’ll vote for it so it can be repealed by referendum.

Apparently, according to Todd E. Eberly, a political science professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, “some delegates signed onto the legislation because they thought it would not clear the Senate. When Senate passage became a possibility, they got scared. If you’re a proponent of the bill, you certainly don’t feel as confident as you did a week ago.”

So this elected official specifically campaigned to vote one way – cashing lots of checks along the way from supporters – thinking he wouldn’t have to ever make that fateful vote. And now, he’s been caught having to do just that.

While I don’t agree with anti-LGBT politicians, at least they are honest when they campaign. But to go out and actively seek votes and campaign dollars LYING to the people who are writing the checks to you – that is honestly the lowest you can go in politics. People should know who and what you honestly stand for in a campaign. Take a stance and be man enough to stand up for it. But don’t lie to folks just to get their dollars.

I hope Delegate Sam Arora does indeed follow through on his campaign promises.  It will be very interesting to see how he fares in the next election cycle.  My personal opinion is there is no place in public office for someone THIS lacking in integrity.