Marriage Equality in Maryland moves closer

Marriage Equality in Maryland moves closer

OK kids – getting close to having the happy dance today.

Just saw the good news that two more state senators in Maryland have committed to supporting marriage equality when it comes up for a vote in the state senate.

From the Baltimore Sun: Sen. Katherine Klausmeier said today that she has decided to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, putting the measure within a breath of passage in the Senate.

“I just weighed all of the options,” said the Baltimore County Democrat, who earlier told The Sun that she was torn about the issue. “It’s about fairness.”

Klausmeier becomes the second previously undeclared senator today to lend support to advocates, who plan a rally this evening. Earlier, Sen. Edward Kasemeyer said he has decided to back it.

Sen. Joan Conway has said if the numbers look like it will pass, she would possibly vote for the bill. Conway said she would not support the Senate bill if it appears to be failing. But if there are 23 “yes” votes on the board, she said, she will “pray really hard” and make her choice.

Once out of the Senate, the bill moves to the House of Delegates where chances look good.

If you’d like to reach out to Sen. Conway here’s the email address: