Manhattanhenge is back!

There’s not much that’s as romantic or calming as the setting sun in Manhattan in the summer.

Manhattanhenge is back!

The semiannual phenomenon sees the setting sun align with the Manhattan street grid, creating an otherworldly moment when an orange glow fills the city’s cross streets and lights up buildings on both sides simultaneously. The name comes from Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument in Great Britain that aligns with the sun during the winter and summer solstice.

This year Manhattanhenge will took place on Tuesday May 31st at 8:17 pm and will again on Monday July 11th at 8:25 pm. A half sun will also be visible May 30th and July 12th. Mark your calendars!

For your best view, go as far east in Manhattan as possible while still being able to see New Jersey. The wider two way streets like 14th, 23rd, 34th and 42nd are recommended for even better views.

“Now you might never find that perfect town, but the sun still sets on a roof top where the city sounds like a Gershwin clarinet…”