Log Cabin Republicans Are Shocked To Find Out The GOP Hates Them

Log Cabin Republicans are seemingly dumbstruck that their own political party hates them after having adopted a virulently anti-LGBT platform yet again for this year’s national convention.

This year’s platform opposes same-sex marriage rights, supports efforts to restrict bathrooms to individuals’ birth gender and protects businesses who refuse services to individuals based on religious objections to gay marriage. It also decrees “that ‘natural marriage’ between a man and a woman is most likely to result in offspring who do not become drug-addicted or otherwise damaged.”

In light of all that, Log Cabin Republicans want you to send them money – and lots of it – to fund their self-loathing field trip journey to the GOP convention next week in Cleveland so they can further beat themselves up “take back the platform.”

Get a clue, LCR. The right-wingers just aren’t that into you. And never were.